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As guitarists we are always looking for a better tone and playing the guitar in a more professional and creative way, we look for our own sound and at the same time that our guitar sounds like our favorite musicians.

Your Own Sound

You will learn how to configure each part of the chain of your sound, we will teach you not only to connect your pedals in the correct way, you will also learn to configure them, how to equalize your amplifier and even how to mike it, and if you use multi-effect pedals you will also learn how to get it out. better sound from them.

The sound you are looking for

We will also teach you how to make those sounds on the guitar that you have always wanted to have and that you have heard in your favorite songs, sounds that will allow you not only to play as you dream but also unique sounds that give character to your way of playing.

Select your effects

You will become a master of tone and you will know how to select the appropriate effects for each moment and each arrangement you want to make.


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